Lessons from Helen

Last week for International Women’s Day, I had the opportunity to listen to Helen speak to a room full of female leaders from the Simon Business School. Helen has been a constant guide in my life, pushing me to work harder and dig deeper into my soul. Her recipe for success is mixing her spiritual practice into work. We all feel her light and it makes for a beautiful work environment. If girl power inspiration is what you’re looking for, we’ve got just the thing you need – a recap of Helen’s key points on how to navigate through work and life.

Bring the best version of yourself to any situation.
Create space from the situation and your reaction.
Compassion. Kindness.
Follow through on your communication. Make it thoughtful and purposeful. ​
Be more concerned with whether you have given enough, rather than if you have received enough. 
Acknowledge your “stuff” and learn to change the patterns/bad habits.​
For yourself and others.​
Reactions are much more productive when they come from a place of abundance. You will attract more positive situations. 



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