Behind the Camera with @ScottMillerShoots

What made you decide to get into photography?​

Everything about it excites me. I love being able to capture a fraction of a second in time. I’m always curious, visually oriented, and obsessed with improving and better developing my eye, therefore photography is a perfect obsession for me.

Do you prefer shooting street photography or beauty shots?

I love both for different reasons. Street is more about documenting life and anything that looks interesting to me, and portraits are about a person, beauty, and who they are. 

What cameras are you shooting with?

I have always been obsessed with the gear. LOL! at this time  I’m using a Leica m10 for the street and a Nikon D810 for the portraits. I have to say as time goes by I’m realizing that while modern gear is amazing, great pics aren’t about that. It’s about capturing something really special. Some of my favorite photos were taken on old equipment that doesn’t compare to the quality we have now. Those images are still quite moving to me.

What’s your perspective on beauty? Did that propel you to create your own content for Scott Miller?​

We do have our own ideas about beauty.  Rather than always trying to communicate our vision to a photographer to decipher, we felt it would be more meaningful to do it ourselves. Besides, we love doing it! I believe beauty has a lot to with a confidence that radiates. I love the fact that we get to enhance and showcase this for people every day. It’s the best.

Where do you find inspiration for your shoots?

I find inspiration everywhere,  architecture, furniture, fashion, and people. Sometimes it’s more about how you look at something than what it actually is, vantage points, context, and light.

What’s the best creative advice you’ve ever gotten?

Pay attention. We often look without really seeing. We listen and don’t really hear. My dad always told me to look harder and really think about it. It’s amazing how much more we can see when we practice and develop our eye. This is one of the things I love about studying photography.

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