Tips for Reducing Holiday-Time Stress

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At Scott Miller Salon, Spa & Store, we are all about feeling like our best selves all the time; but we understand how that can often go forgotten during the busy holiday season. It’s the time of giving, but we can’t exclude ourselves! We’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to decompress and relieve stress during the holidays, because our wonderful clients deserve it. 


Boost Up Your At-Home Routines

Skincare doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated. In fact, honing in on an efficient and manageable routine may be the key to reducing stress. Solidify your routine with a simple step process: cleanser, SPF, and moisturizer are the necessities; then you can fill in the spaces with your extra faves. 


As far as haircare goes, primers, heat protectants, and masks can extend the life of your hair and increase time between appointments. Visit our store to chat with our wonderful retail specialists about which products are best for your at-home care! 


Curate Your Environment

Our surroundings have a major impact on our mental health, and when our environment is cluttered with noise, so is our brain! Take some time to declutter your space, and maybe even redecorate. Even the small act of lighting a candle can help you wind down and drift into a calmer headspace. 

Neutral colors and ambient lighting are majorly beneficial in that they keep our minds calm, so try to keep these at the forefront when decorating. Essential oils are another one of our favorite practices, as you can tailor them to what you need most! Feeling overly stressed? Lavender is your best friend. Or, Frankincense is a comforting and warming scent that will keep you in the festive spirit! 


Shop Our Favorite Home Goods


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Essential Oils 

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Do Things that Bring You Joy 

Most of the time, we prioritize the things we have to do over what we want to do. And while these things are necessary, we can’t fill from an empty cup. It is essential to take time doing things you love, especially during this season when it feels like you’re being pulled from all directions. Whether it’s for just five minutes or five hours a week, try out some new hobbies, or revisit old ones! Even if it’s just throwing on your favorite podcast while you wrap gifts, or opting to stay in for some me-time instead of going to another holiday party, a little really goes a long way. 


Book Your Appointments Early

No one wants to realize at the last minute that they need their roots touched up or nails done, and then scramble to get their appointments in the books. Do yourself a favor and make those appointments ahead of time, so all you have to worry about is showing up! At Scott Miller Salon & Spa, we make that as easy on you as possible—try our online booking or call or text so one of our helpful coordinators can assist you! 


 Schedule in Some Self-Care

Relaxing Massage 

Give yourself the TLC you need this holiday season with an exceptional massage. We hold a lot of tension in our muscles, and sometimes we don’t even realize how much stress we carry. A massage is one of the best things you can do to release some of the holiday-time chaos.  

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Hydrating Facial

When we experience stress, our skin is often the first to show the signs. Pair the holiday stress with cold weather and you get irritated, breaking out, and dry skin. Show your skin some extra care with a luxurious facial that locks in moisture and hydration and gives you that peace and relaxation you need. 


Luxurious Seasonal Pedicure

A signature pedicure is always incredible, but we like to go even more above and beyond during the holiday season with our seasonal pedicure! While you’re enjoying your pedicure, sip on some champagne or sparkling water and indulge in a delicious gourmet treat from Hedonist Artisan Chocolates. Our nail technicians provide some extra care and pampering, because you deserve it! 


Hair Styling & Coloring

Looking our best helps us feel our best. And when we’re busy preparing for hosting, gifting, and traveling during the holidays, sometimes we forget to take care of how we look on the outside. A fresh haircut or color application can go a LONG way for our confidence! So, schedule a haircut, style, or color appointment with one of our talented service providers and see just how much a small transformation can help you feel like your best self! 


De-Stress with Scott Miller Salon, Spa & Store This Season

From our curated selection of haircare, skincare, beauty and home products to our wonderful salon and spa services, we have everything you need to take the necessary time for self-care this season. To our dearest clients, Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones! 



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