Laser Hair Removal: Answering Your FAQs

Are you thinking about summer and wishing you invested in a more permanent hair reduction option? It’s not too late to begin laser hair removal and see the effects this summer! Scott Miller Spa proudly offers laser hair removal with SplendorX, one of the safest, most comfortable, and most effective laser technologies on the market.  

While our team is thrilled with this new service, we understand it can be daunting to those who haven’t yet experienced it. That’s why we’ve created this guide to answer all your important questions about laser hair removal, why we love it, and why we know you will too. Read on to learn more, then call us to book a consultation! 

Does laser hair removal really work?  

Yes! It works by emitting concentrated light into the hair follicle to damage and inhibit growth. The Splendor X laser specifically utilizes Blend X technology, which uses two separate wavelengths to ensure maximum effectiveness. Splendor X synchronizes these wavelengths to deliver a safer, more comfortable experience for patients of all skin tones. It also features a large spot size with a square tip which means areas are covered quickly and with more accuracy. Scott Miller is proud to be the only provider in Rochester, NY to offer this incredible technology! 

Is laser hair removal permanent? 

Laser hair removal promises permanent hair reduction. This means a significant amount of hair does not return for longer than a complete growth cycle. For example, if the normal hair growth cycle is 4-6 weeks, but the hair does not grow back for 8-12 weeks, you have successfully achieved a permanent reduction of hair. To achieve permanent hair reduction, you should complete the full series of treatments. Most clients will need 6 sessions; however, this may vary based on what your esthetician decides in the consultation. 

When is the best time to start? 

Just because summer is coming soon doesn’t mean it’s too late to start laser hair removal! If you begin treatments now, you’ll still be able to enjoy the benefits, you’ll just need to be more diligent about after-care. Laser hair removal treatments can be scheduled session by session or as a series of 5 or 6 sessions, approximately every 4-8 weeks. While permanent hair reduction occurs once the series has been completed, you will begin to see a difference after just one or two appointments! In between treatments, the treated skin cannot be exposed to sun, so it is best to try to plan appointments ahead of any trips. If you have a trip that happens to fall during treatment time, your esthetician will assist you with scheduling around it properly. 

Is laser hair removal safe? 

Laser hair removal is completely safe when the guidelines are followed correctly. Your esthetician will discuss proper pre- and post-care instructions. Following these guidelines will ensure maximum comfort and minimize any downtime or healing time. 

Does laser hair removal hurt? 

Comfort level is subjective, so many people have different experiences. However, the SplendorX laser offers some of the most comfortable laser hair removal treatments available. Some people report at most feeling a slight sting or the feeling of a rubber band snap against the skin, while many report no pain at all! You can be sure your esthetician will continually check in with you during your treatment to prioritize your comfort. 

I’ve gotten laser treatments done in the past. Can I start them again? 

This is an excellent question to discuss with your esthetician during your consultation. They will conduct a thorough skin analysis and go over any previous treatments to determine if you are a good candidate to move forward. 

Can I wax in between sessions? 

No—you should not continue your normal waxing regimen on areas that you will be getting lasered. For the laser to be effective, there has to be a hair follicle for it to detect. Hair removal techniques like waxing and plucking completely remove the hair follicle from the skin, which means there is nothing left for the laser to pick up.  

How do I prepare for my appointments? 

Ahead of your appointment, there are steps you must take to ensure effectiveness and safety. You should avoid any hair removal methods that completely remove the follicle from the skin, like waxing and plucking. However, you will need to shave prior to treatment. If you arrive at your appointment and the treated area has not been shaved, you will not be able to receive the service. You also must avoid any sun exposure or other tanning methods (that includes beds, spray tans, and any other sunless tanning options). If you have a question about what you should and shouldn’t do ahead of your session, feel free to ask your esthetician in your consultation! 

Will there be downtime after treatments? 

There is typically no downtime after sessions, and you’ll likely be able to go about your normal routine without disruption. The most common side effect of laser hair removal is skin irritation. You may notice slight redness, swelling, or itchiness in the treated area. This should disappear within 24 hours after treatment. You may use aloe vera gel or hydrocortisone cream to alleviate any irritation. In rare cases, blistering or crusting can occur on the skin. It is crucial to avoid exposure to sun or tanning beds after treatment. Your esthetician will thoroughly discuss post-treatment care so you recover properly! 

Ready for Your Consultation?  

Your confidence boost is just around the corner. We are thrilled to be part of your laser hair removal journey! If you are ready to speak with an esthetician about whether laser hair removal is right for you, give us a call or visit the spa to schedule a consultation.  

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