Our new obsession: Ere Perez, pioneer of ethical beauty

Ere Perez is an Australian brand that offers skincare, makeup and tools with sustainable packaging and ingredients.
Ere Perez is an Australian brand that offers skincare, makeup and tools.

“Our mission is to inspire you to make more conscious lifestyle choices for your health and the planet. by creating clean & nutritive collections based on sustainable principles, we are the natural ‘guilt-free’ choice in beauty.”

Ere Perez


The brand saw a gap in the market. In the early 2000’s, it was hard for women to find an alternative to makeup filled with chemicals. Ere launched in 2002 with a single natural mascara and were one of the first brands to offer high-performing non-toxic makeup. Now, they offer skincare too! Leaving out harmful ingredients and feed your skin instead with superfoods and ultra-nourishing ingredients from nature. Clean beauty is in their DNA.

A few of our team’s favorite makeup products from the line.

Sustainable and ethical products

Discover the Ere Perez makeup range that covers all bases. Their high quality, premium products are made with vegan, ethically sourced ingredients, and suitable for all skin tones and types. Our formulas are gentle and nurturing even on sensitive skin, always allowing it to breathe. Each product has a unique star ingredient to enhance the skin’s natural condition. We celebrate the unique beauty in everyone with versatile color palettes and shades that enhance your natural features, not conceal them. Shop at Scott Miller everything from lipsticks to lip balms, creams, powder and highlighter for a full-face look that will have you glowing without any bad ingredients. For healthy skin confidence.

Their sustainable packaging is one of the reasons we’re obsessed with the brand.

Reasons we love Ere Perez

  • Their beauty products are almost good enough to eat,
    an alternative to chemical-filled cosmetics. Sustainable and ethical
    good for people and the planet cruelty-free.
  • Their ingredients are powerhouse plants & botanicals, mixed with
    unique Australian native ingredients like vitamin & essential enzymes
    known to promote healing.
  • High performing formulas and non-toxic and rich in antioxidants

Curious about sustainable and clean beauty? Call or text 585-264-9940 to schedule a complimentary lesson with one of our makeup artists and discover Ere Perez in-store.



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