swedish massage

therapeutic long, sweeping strokes to ease tension and bring relief ... a classic

30 min.    $50

45 min.   $65

60 min.   $85

75 min.   $105

90 min.  $125

deep tissue massage

excellent for working out chronic tension, especially in the shoulder blades, neck, IT Band and gluteal areas

30 min.   $60

45 min.   $80

60 min.   $105

75 min.   $125

90 min.   $145

body contour wrap

a cupping technique that firms, tones, detoxes and reduces visible cellulite on the body

30 min. single session   $65

60 min. single session   $90

LaStone therapy

full body therapy with warm and cool stones that goes beyond the physical and into pure relaxation


craniosacral massage


soft tissue dry therapy for the relief of muscle pain for targeted regions

60 min.    $85

90 min.   $125

pregnancy massage


gentle, comfortable, head-to-toe massage with specially designed cushions for moms-to-be in their second and third trimesters

30 min.   $60

45 min.   $75

60 min.   $90


a series of movements with thumb and finger pressure on reflex points on your feet to release blockages for better energy flow in the body



add on to a massage

non-invasive bodywork treatment using suction to increase circulation and blood flow and reduce pain and adhesions due to tight and contracted muscles


warm stones

add on to a massage

wonderfully calming treatment to melt away tension and reduce stress year round


paraffin treatment

excellent for the active man or woman and includes a soak, cuticle maintenance, filing, callus softening, exfoliating scrub, warm towel wrap, foot massage and finished with a paraffin wax treatment

hands and feet   $25

hands or feet      $15

aromatherapy oil

add on to a massage

choose your serenity


Disclaimer: All Prices are subject to change.