Shima signature botanical facial

serene comfort with Shima botanical care


Shima refresher facial

streamlined service for in-between facials


cleansing back treatment

cleansing, exfoliation, massage and extractions for an issue-free back


foot massage

add on to a facial or treatment the ultimate in relaxation


paraffin treatment

hands and feet   $30

hands or feet    $15

Institut' DERMed infusion facial

for those seeking a results-oriented, relaxing facial experience


Institut' DERMed infusion facial with peel

renewing, clarifying, soothing, brightening


Institut' DERMed corrective facial with peel

for those committed to a regular professional facial regimen to advance results


Institut' DERMed corrective peel

anti-aging, anti-acne, anti-redness, anti-dark spot, pumpkin, herbal enzyme, lactic+, glycolic+, retinol+


Institut' DERMed transforming facial with peel

for those seeking accelerated rejuvenation results for problematic skin


Institut' DERMed transforming peel

classic, perfect, supreme


collagen induction therapy (CIT)

skin rejuvenation using a roller with microscopic needles to correct various skin conditions



a simple, safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine hair

with facial or peel   $45

dermaplaning only   $65



highly effective gentle exfoliation to remove top layer of dead skin cells

with facial or peel   $45

microdermabrasion only   $65

Disclaimer: All Prices are subject to change.