English Oak & Hazelnut Cologne


What it is: A cologne that captures an enchanted walk.

Fragrance story: The crunch of green hazelnut. The spice of elemi. The earthy woodiness of vetiver cooled by emerald moss carpets. On a warming base of roasted oak. Green hazelnut opens the scent. It is a green note that induces a fresh and nutty feeling in the fragrance. Cedarwood establishes the heart. Its woody, dry character complements the heart with charismatic intensity. Roasted oak finishes the scent. It is a warm and compelling woody note that gives the addictive quality of roasted oak.


– Top: green hazelnut.

– Middle: cedarwood.

– Base: roasted oak.

Mood: Earthy, enticing, enchanting.

How to use: Spritz generously onto your wrists, neck and pulse points. Your body heat will help diffuse the fragrance as the day goes on. Wear alone or layer with another cologne or your favorite bath and body products.

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