August 8, 2019 | | Makeup

SM Studio

This new year has been all about growing, evolving, and stepping out of our comfort zones. Can you feel it? We certainly can and we've been having fun with it. We've spent the past 6 months researching and introducing new brands to the store, growing our conscious beauty category, and coming up with fresh concepts for events.

As you know, education is our main focus at Scott Miller. It's who we are. But one thing we noticed: we needed to offer classes that are faster and more accessible. Masterclasses are wonderful but not everyone has the luxury to spend an entire afternoon playing with makeup. So we came up with the idea of SM STUDIO.

SM Studio will be weekly, complimentary classes hosted by our very own talented makeup artists. No appointment or reservation needed, just stop in if it works for you. The classes will focus on a specific theme each week in both Scott Miller locations. Plus, we scheduled them for later in the day so you can swing by after work. Check out our calendar below for the August SM Studio schedule.

SM Studio 
Monday in Pittsford | 4pm
Friday in Webster | 3pm