June 7, 2017 | | Makeup

RMS Beauty Launch

A few months ago the Scott Miller team sat down to discuss adding a new line to our ever-growing makeup store. We knew we wanted something fresh and new, but we didn’t know exactly what we were looking for when we started. For us, experimenting with different brands and products is just part of the gig. Have I mentioned how great this job is? We sat down with our reps, researched the brands, and added them into our beauty routine. While these brands were all top-notch, we never felt that this is it moment. But then we were introduced to RMS beauty, a 100% organic line, and without a doubt, we knew this was the missing link. That being said, we introduce you to the newest member of the Scott Miller family: RMS Beauty. Developed by longtime makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift after she began to experience health issues, this line is cruelty-free, organic, and is the perfect offering for achieving that no-makeup makeup look. The packaging is also fabulous and minimalistic and we can’t wait to see it shine on our shelves. Below, you’ll find our favorite products from this brand that got us hooked on RMS, and have since become cult favorites at Scott Miller.

Magic Luminizer $38.00

Magic Luminizer seductively highlights skin with moon-lit champagne opalescence. The iridescent champagne shimmer magically illuminates skin giving it an ethereal glow.

Beauty Oil $78.00

A beauty oil the way a beauty oil should be: pure, simple and organic. This potent formula is the perfect balance between skin and oil, providing the ultimate in radiance and antioxidant protection. This lightweight yet highly concentrated multi-purpose beauty oil contains only the finest exotic oils and rare herbal extracts.

Solar Eye Polish $28.00

A veil of sheer metallic hues that gives these unique shadows a glowing, light-reflective finish not seen in traditional eye shadows. They have a subtle, glossy quality, giving them a fashion forward finish that is both flattering and youthful. rms beauty eye polishes double as an eye cream to nourish and moisturize the eye area.

Beloved LIP2CHEEK $36.00

A true red with just a hint of poppy to suit all skin tones. Gives cheeks a natural rosiness and stains lips with a desirable youthfulness. Lip2cheek is a unique formula that combines hydration and protection with abundant mineral color for a beautiful, natural finish on both lips and cheeks.

The Ultimate Makeup Remover Wipes $16.00

Let's bring makeup wipes back to nature. Coconut oil is renowned for its high concentration of lauric / caprylic acid, known for its natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, making it the perfect healthy choice for a multi-use cleansing cloth. These pure and simple make-up remover and cleansing wipes are your new everyday essential. Infused with the same radiance boosting properties as our RMS Raw Coconut Cream, these use-anywhere wipes melt away makeup, cleanse, soften and moisturize skin, all in one making them perfect for even lazy face washers.