December 13, 2018 | | Hair

In The Chair with Adrianna

Top 3 beauty items you've been using for a year or more:
MAC perfume in Turquatic, MAC Ruby Woo (it looks good on everyone!) & NARS bronzer in Casino
Beauty shelf you'd like to raid:
Jessie James Decker!
Last text you sent:
"Did you let Riley outside?" (my dog)
Worst beauty mistake you've made:
Many but, the french tip acrylics I used to have in highschool that looked like chicklets, yikes.
Favorite hair inspo instagram account:
Life motto:
Be as you are.

1. Oribe Supershine: moisture and heat protection, work mids to ends.
2. Bumble and Bumble Original Surf Spray: spray at roots, gives killer volume & sea salt helps to control oil production.
3. Oribe Apres Beach: spray mids to ends once hair is styled for a slept in sexy messy look!