January 6, 2018 | | Products

Beauty Resolutions for 2018 from the SM Team

MAC Lightful C​
"My beauty goal is to focus more on brightening my complexion and even my skin tone. I want to have a more focused skincare regime and regular facials. I'm going to add the MAC Lightful C product to my routine."

La Mer Refining Facia​l
"A gallon of water everyday for hydrated skin and I'm going to exfoliate more. La Mer Refining Facial is my go-to product."

Kerastase Treatments
"I want to make an effort to get more Kerastase treatments every month. It makes my hair stronger, shinier, and softer."

Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula
"My goal is to take better care of my feet with monthly pedicures and at home care for soft, well hydrated feet with Footlogix."

DerMed Brightening Peel
"My 2018 resolution is to exfoliate 2x a week and peel every other week with the DerMed brightening peel."