February 19, 2018 | | Self-Care

3 Self-Care Routines

Life can move fast. It's so important to find time to slow down, commit time to yourself, and keep a routine for self-care practices. Work can be consuming and it's hard to juggle your time in relationships. So much so that it becomes difficult to maintain a routine and often your needs get pushed aside. In addition to yoga, beauty services and products keep me grounded during busy weeks. So whether I'm taking 10 minutes out of my day to try a new face mask, or setting aside an hour for a massage, I'm focusing the attention on myself and feeling empowered. Keep reading for four self-care beauty practices.

Try a new hair or face masque. While you're waiting for the product to soak in, read your favorite book or meditate. My current favorites are Bb. While You Sleep Masque for hair and La Mer The Intensive Revitalizing Mask for skin.

Personally, theres nothing more relaxing than a blow-dry. Maybe it's the heat or the noise, but I love every minute of it. The best part is that you don't have to worry about doing your hair for days. That extra time in the morning is everything to me. Just don't forget to stock up on dry shampoo!

*bumble&bumble pret-a-powder dry shampoo  //  *oribe gold lust dry shampoo


Never underestimate the power of a good scent. Light a candle and indulge in a bath with a new body soap. Thank me later.

*jo malone scented candle  //  *jo malone red roses hand & body wash //  *orbie cote d'Azur scented candle