We live for lipstick. Get excited about primers. (No, seriously we do.) But most of all, we love sharing our makeup secrets with you. Why? Because we are the only beauty brand born out of a real photo studio — the legendary Smashbox Studios in L.A. — and creating gorgeous looks is what we do here. Created. Tested. Photographed. At Smashbox Studios. L.A.

In 1990, Smashbox Studios was founded by Dean and Davis Factor, great grandsons of Hollywood makeup legend Max Factor. From day one, world-class photographers started shooting iconic pics for major magazines, music labels and fashion brands.

Smashbox Cosmetics was founded in 1996 to supply the professional demand. “All of our products carry out of the photo studio and into reality because we know if it works in the tough studio environment, it will work in the real world.” - Davis

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