July 8, 2017 | | Makeup

Meet Silvana — Our Italian Sunshine

The makeup artist and manager who keeps the Scott Miller store running and everyone smiling. Her energy lights up the room and a quick stop in her chair will make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. Silvana is a true artist.

Where were you born?
I was born in Enna, Italy which is in Sicily.

What brought you to Rochester?
My husband, Carmelo. We got married in Enna, Italy then moved to Rochester in 1988. He grew up in Rochester and his family is here.

Where did your interest and love for makeup come from?
I am the youngest of 7 girls. Growing up, I would watch my sisters do their makeup and it was fascinating to me. In my spare time, I would pretend to be a makeup artist or an event planner at “make-believe fashion shows.” I invited my friends over for these fashion shows and I would do their makeup (using my sister’s makeup) and dress them up (in my sister’s clothing.)  It was way more fun than playing with barbies! It is what I enjoyed doing the most, although my sisters would get upset with me for going through their things. I attended The Art Institute of Enna. In class, I always drew female faces. I knew that I would eventually become a makeup artist and teach women how to accentuate their features so they look and feel beautiful.

How long have you been at Scott Miller?
14 years, and they’ve been the best years ever.

Whenever I see you at the store, you always have a smile on your face. Do you have any tips for how you stay positive at all times?
I am very grateful to be able to wake up everyday and do something that I am truly passionate about. Everyone has bad days, but if you stay positive, you will always have a better experience. The universe is big and the possibilities are endless! Smiling is better than being upset!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
I love seeing everyone work together as a team, receiving positive feedback from clients, and making people smile.

When you're not running the store, what do you love to do?
Makeup lessons and teaching women how to be their own makeup artist.

So, we know you're Italian... what is your favorite dish to cook?
Pasta, of course...!