Start with NARS Laguna Bronzer for a sun kissed look. We want this to be all about the eyes. NARS Duo Shadow Alhambra for a soft shimmery look around the eyes. NARS Rue Bonaparte eyeliner around the top of the eyes to just below the eyes. We finish with NARS Senorita lipstick for a glowy nude look topped with NARS Triple X clear gloss.


Towel dry hair and apply with Oribe Maximista Mist all over from roots to ends to add fullness and texture. Wrap hair with a 1-inch iron. Finish with Oribe Aprés Beach. Shake then spray up into the hair for shine and a beachy finish.


  • Oribe Maximista Mist
  • Oribe Aprés Beach
  • NARS Laguna Bronzer
  • NARS Duo Shadow Alhambra
  • NARS Rue Bonaparte eyeliner
  • NARS Senorita lipstick
  • NARS Triple X clear gloss

hair care

bumble and bumble

Our products are about choice and attitude. Select products and wear them as your mood shifts from day to day, outfit to outfit, event to event, or season to season. Rather than feeling that you have to pile wax on top of creme on top of spray, as editorials stylist do out of necessity, get to know each product individually first. Though you'll naturally gravitate to several favorites, be adventurous.


Kérastase offers consumers a brand that is classic and modern, audacious yet not provocative, aspirational without being inaccessible. Since 1964, Kerastase has been creating new haircare services developed with the most advanced formulas. Dedicated to enhancing the natural beauty of the hair, Kérastase is based on 4 essential values: Performance, Expertise, Personalization and Beauty.


Oribe, the eponymous product line from one of the most influential hairdressers of all time, defines luxury in hair care. Combining over 30 years of styling heritage at the top of the editorial and salon worlds with old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation from the most sought-after beauty artisans, the Oribe line delivers the highest possible levels of performance and sophistication. Beautiful in function and form alike, this line is for taste-driven individuals who know that personal style - perfectly expressed - is the ultimate luxury.